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Is shipping included?

Ground shipping in the continentual USA is included for all shipments added on to a virtual event (horray!).

What's the shipping lead time for an event?

We require addresses and cocktail pairing selection two weeks ahead of your event.

Expedited shipping options are available 7 days up to your event for an additional fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes- we ship internationally! We love our global events; what better way to bring people together from all over the world than over a couple cocktails?

We are based in NYC, but we frequently ship to Canada and beyond for a small fee.

We provide international guests with a Mocktail or BYOB Kits due to international shipping liquor laws.

What is a virtual happy hour?

At Hey Bartender, we host virtual cocktail (making) parties.

Guests can join each other from near and far at the virtual bar simply by signing into Zoom from the comfort of their own home, office, bar, etc.

A world renown (Hey) Bartender will lead guests through how to craft a couple cocktails step by step-while having a lot of fun along the way!

What is included in the virtual happy hour?

The Happy Hour itself includes a world renown Hey Bartender to guide your guests through crafting cocktails while sharing tips and tricks from behind the bar - and having a ton of fun!

An MC is added for groups > 8.

Our White Glove Party Concierge service before and after the event will ensure that you don't have to lift a party-planning finger in order to show your guests a great time!

You also have the option to add on one of our Packages to ship your guests everything they will need to craft their cocktails and elevate their home bar.

How do I reserve my spot?

Fill out our Reservation Form to be connected to our Reservations team who will reach out to help you select your event package.

Once your details (i.e. number of guests, time, date, etc.) are confirmed, we will send through a link to your proposal to seamlessly review the service agreement and pay your deposit through our super easy checkout process.

How many drinks are made during a happy hour?

Each Cocktail Pairing includes 2 distinct drinks per event.

Only looking to make 1 drink? Feel free to make a note in your inquiry form and someone from our Reservations team will get back to you.

What is the difference between a corporate and social virtual event?

Corporate events are perfect for companies hosting their own teams, colleagues, clients, or anyone they want to show a good time while keeping it professional.

Social events are available for individuals planning celebrations for friends and family (i.e. Birthday Parties, Bachelorettes, Baby Showers, etc.)

Do you offer mocktails?

Yes, we are proud to offer mocktails at our virtual bar! We speak to substitution options during the happy hour and can send a Mocktail Shipment that includes zero-proof spirits in place of our Spirit Shipment.

What counts as a "guest"?

Your headcount is determined by the number of individuals participating, NOT number of screens.

How will the event work?

Once your event is reserved, you will be assigned your personal Party Concierge who connect with you regarding your Guest List and Cocktail Pairing.

She will then collect guest information and reach out about what to expect at the event and your Hey Bartender, which ingredients and materials to gather, and a Calendar Invite with Zoom link.

For the event, your personal Hey Bartender will walk you through how to make 2 craft cocktails from the pairing of your choosing as well as offer plenty of tips and tricks and answer any questions you may have.

Formal Digital Recipe Cards (and framed photos for groups > 8) included for another round and/or to recreate your cocktails in the future.

What is the lead time to reserve a Hey Bartender event?

We are first come, first serve at our virtual bar. We are a small but mighty team that is trying to scale- thoughtfully.

For events with shipments, if your requested date and time are available, shipping information is requested 2+ weeks (3+ weeks international) ahead of your party.

Guests added within the two week window will incur expedited shipping costs.

Can we just make one drink?

Our Happy Hours typically include crafting two cocktails, but we can limit your Happy Hour to making one cocktail by request. We will provide the ingredients, along with a digital recipe card, for both cocktails in your pairing so your guests will still have the opportunity to try it on their own after the event.

What personalization options do you offer?

Our events are designed to be customizable and with the aim to make each and every Happy Hour (and guest!) feel special! We can plan for toasts, pipe in tunes, customize the names of drinks, etc.

We can also add items to your shipments à la carte so your guests have exactly what they need for a specific Happy Hour experience.

Is there a limited number of guests?

Our virtual events can accomodate groups of ANY size. As we always say, the more the merrier. It's a party after all ; ).

You also have the option for some of your guests to be together in one place (office bar? yes!) or a hybrid of in-person and virtual.

Do you offer shipments?

We offer different shipment packages for all of our events.

We also have a store for your bar needs.

Our HB Cocktail Kits include premium ingredients, plus some extra goodies, for your guests to craft a couple delicious cocktails.

We can also ship spirits, bartender tools, bar snacks, etc. to make it as easy as possible for your guests to participate while elevating their home bar.

What is included in my HB Cocktail Kit?

An HB Cocktail Kit includes the ingredients you need to craft 2 different cocktails (i.e. juices, syrups, bitters, etc.) + some HB swag (i.e. napkin, coaster, etc.).

Each kit also includes a complimentary HB BowTie Jigger!

We also offer the option to add different sized spirits, bartender tools, and delectable bar snacks.

Note: Hey Bartender does not ship perishable ingredients. We will always suggest our guests use fresh citrus; however we include powdered forms for those in a pinch!

Can I reserve just the happy hour?

Yes, you can reserve a virtual Happy Hour without shipments. We will instead provide your guests with a comprehensive list of simple and accessible ingredients and materials needed to gather on their own ahead of the event.

ALL of our Happy Hours, with or without shipments, include our White Glove Party Concierge service before and after the event as well as a (Hey) Bartender during the event itself.

Do you ship alcohol?

SEND BOOZE (amirite?). Spirits are included in most of our Corporate packages and are fulfilled by licensed third-parties vendors (US only, applicable delivery zones).

What about guests who do not drink? Do you offer mocktails?

All are welcome here! Guests will have the opportunity to opt in to a Mocktail Shipment if they prefer not to imbibe. All of our cocktails can be transformed into mocktails, and nearly all of our events have guests making cocktail and mocktails simultaneously. The best thing about being a virtual bar is that we can be as inclusive as possible!

Do you have premium items we can send to clients?

Absolutely! All items in our Cocktail Kits and Store are top-of-the-line and specifically sourced. For example, our HB Bartender Tool Set is made in partnership with Cocktail Kingdom, which is the fancy shmancy brand that the real pros use in all the best bars in the world. We have gift options that will leave lasting memories and become a permanent fixture for your guests' cocktail crafting future.

What about awkward silences?

Our Hey Bartenders are incredibly charasmatic and knowledgable, so there is never a dull moment during our events.

We even pipe in music to set the party vibe and help "shake" things up.

Can we have breakout rooms?

Yes, we offer the ability to add on breakout rooms for an additional fee for each additional Hey Bartender.

Breakout rooms are a great way for large groups to feel part of the same event while receiving more personalized attention.

How will my guests' contact information be collected?

Once your event is reserved, your personal Party Concierge will connect with you to get the ball rolling.

All you will need to do is provide your guests' email addresses, and we'll do the rest!

Your Party Concierge will send an RSVP Form to your guests to invite them to vote on their Cocktail Pairing, provide their shipping information, and even answer a few ice breaker questions.

You also have the option to provide shipping information on your own if you prefer to skip that step.

Do you send a calendar invite?

We send a Calendar Invite with a Zoom link to your guests so they can seamlessly block off party-time and easily join the festivities. We can also provide the zoom link for you to add to your own invite.

Is shipping included? What about extra fees?

For shipments sent to your guests ahead of the big day, our standard pricing is already inclusive of shipping within the US (with a 2+ week lead time) and any applicable sales tax. An expedited shipping fee within 2 weeks of the event as well as international customs fee may also be applied. All costs are upfront with zero hidden fees.

What if we are celebrating together as a group in one location?

Our events can accomodate groups all together in one location, all virtual, or a hybrid of both! As long as you have enough supplies to go around, we all bring the party - together, wherever!

We even have a special Party Box shipment that provides enough ingredients to serve up to 8 guests, plus some extra party favors to amp up the festivities (cocktail glitter, anyone?!)!

What platform are virtual events hosted on?

Our virtual happy hours take place over Zoom.

Your personal Party Concierge will take care of ALL of the party-planning for your celebration so you don't have to lift a finger.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

You can purchase a Gift Card to give the unique gift of a Happy Hour! Either the gifter or the recipient will then be able to book the event through our Reservations department. This is a popular option for celebrations such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations, etc.

Where is Hey Bartender located?

We're virtual, baby!

While our HQ is in NYC we can celebrate anytime, anywhere- and have.

We've celebrated date nights to international conferences across different time zones.

Is HB woman-owned?

Ever wondered what Rosie the Rivitor's favorite cocktail might be? Well, we have! Meet our Founder, CEO, and fearless leader: Lauren Mendell

Why is the Negroni so special at HB?

The very first Hey Bartender event (before that was even a thing) was a surprise virtual birthday at the beginning of the pandemic for a negroni lover. Our founders connected through an Instragram DM and a crazy idea to teach some friends to make a few negronis on zoom - and the rest is history!

What makes a HEY bartender?

Our Hey Bartenders are world renown, award-winning, highly experienced, and endlessly engaging. And most of all, they are eager to guide you how to make "your drink, your way" while having a great time!

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes! We understand that not everyone RSVPs on time so we offer an expedited shipping option.

What are bitters?

(Usually) an alcoholic tincture with extremely strong flavor and aroma that bartenders use to season cocktails with, like a cook with salt and pepper.

Do you prefer to be called a “bartender” or a “mixologist”?

Bartender. It encompasses the most important aspect of the job, which is to tend to the bar and the people in it.

Mixology is just taste theory, and though some are much better at it than others, it has little to do with to job you see us actually doing.

What’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, just as a square is a type of rectangle. It’s one particular type that must be made in the USA.

Why do you shake some drinks and stir others?

Both shaking and stirring help us to achieve the twin goals of dilution and chill, the difference between them is the resulting texture. Stirred drinks are silky, shaken ones are bright and invigorating, and at least at first are even a tiny bit bubbly from being shaken.

How do you make clear ice at home?

The short answer is you don’t - it takes expensive machinery, or a serious amount of space and time. Thankfully it’s not necessary AT ALL - clear ice doesn’t melt any slower than normal freezer ice, you just need to make sure you have enough of it!

What’s the difference between mezcal and tequila?

Both are agave spirits made in Mexico, but mezcal is far more robust in flavor and aroma and is costlier to produce. Think tequila on fire!

What is vermouth?

Vermouth is a wine that is fortified (strengthened) with additional alcohol and aromatized with botanicals. It is then sweetened (either a little or a lot).

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